Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I've relocated!

Well..I've sort of relocated. I am still in the same place but my blog has been moved over here.

Please hop on over to check out my new site and updated postings!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MOYO directory | check it out!

I'm so excited about the  moyo directory! Have you heard of it? It's a new spot on the web for surface pattern designers, like myself, to share their work and connect with potential clients. I just quickly set up a profile and was able to add several portfolio pieces to showcase my work. Super easy and quick!

I can't wait to add a link for this on my website...this will be a great way for me to keep up with my (previously non-existent) online portfolio.


here's a quick screenshot of my portfolio.....as you can see I'm really lacking some profile "love". If you wouldn't mind hopping over there and sharing some of yours with me, that would be super!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

alphabet doodles \\ a 26 week challenge

Happy New Year!

I am just coming off of my two week winter break with my family and am getting ready to face the "real" world.  I need a little kickstart to get me moving (designing, creating and illustrating) on days when my client work load is a little slower than usual. So.....I came up with a super easy - 26 week program using  the alphabet as my inspiration. Super easy, as in....week one I doodle things that start with Aa., week two I doodle things that start with Bb, etc.  Doesn't get much easier than that in my book!

I have a few friends from an online course that I took with Lilla Rogers who are going to join me. I thought I would put it out there in case any body else was interested.  There is no pressure, no competition....I have just found it's helpful to have a few "buddies" doing the same thing to help keep me accountable.

I created a VERY SIMPLE facebook page where we can post our doodles. If you are interested, please just like the page and join on in!


Week one starts today ( Letter Aa) and doodles are due on Sunday the 12th. Here is an example that I worked on  yesterday:

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

new year holiday cards \\ tiny prints discount code

I just  had three new holiday card designs launch on tiny prints.  All of these designs have a "new year" sentiment.  I love the fact that sending a "happy new year" card gives procrastinators, like myself, time to get your holiday cards out! (please check out the tiny prints discount code below)

all elm & gray holiday cards available at tinyprints.com
1 \\ 2 \\ 3

tiny prints discount code : EG13 
$30 off any $100+ orders on tinyprints.com  \\ will expire on 12/31/13 \\ only stackable with
the  free shipping promotion currently available HOLFS13

Friday, November 22, 2013

be thankful for this day \\ free 8 x 10 printable

I am thankful.  I truly love my life and am thankful EVERY day for all of my blessings.

I am  thankful for this (and every) day!

free 8 x 10  here \\  download, print, frame & enjoy

Monday, November 11, 2013

so......what's new?

what's new on my end? a few things actually! The last few months I've had a flurry of new designs launch. I am very proud that elm & gray officially has designs on the ENTIRE family of shutterfly sites...tiny prints, wedding paper divas, treat and now shutterfly!

 holiday card collection \\ photo save the dates \\ modern gray 12 x 12 wall calendar

Thursday, October 3, 2013

never stop learning

I believe that continuing education is important in every profession.  Although I am excited about the continued success of my little business....I felt that something was "missing". I needed a little "refresher course", if you will - something to get my creative juices flowing in the right direction! I stumbled across Lilla Rogers Studio years ago. She is extremely well known in the licensing industry as she represents some amazing artists - some of my favs being Lisa Congdon and Suzy Ultman.

I decided to invest in myself and my talent and sign up for Lila's e-course "make art that sells". Even though I do make art that is currently selling....I want to expand my horizons a bit. The course starts on Monday! I am super excited, focused and determined to get as much out of this course as I can. I will keep you updated with any exciting new work or revelations that may come about as I am expecting great things from myself!

I am already feeling inspired by the possibilities of this course. We, as artists, should "never stop learning". Don't you agree? Here is a link to download this free 8 x 10 print.